Dimwitted Newbie Can't Change Admin Rights for Nero

I swear I’ve used a computer before but I cannot get Nero to work with my new laptop. It says that I need to be an Administrator but the one and only account I have says I’m an administrator. So why doesn’t Nero see that? Is there something I’m missing? Please help me out.

Please tell us what happens - errors messages etc…


I’m trying to burn a cd through Media Center. But I have installed Nero so apparently Media Center is using the “Nero Fast-Burning CD Plug-In” to burn the cd. I open the playlist I want to burn but when I hit “Start Burn” a gray box comes up saying, “You have to be an administrator to using Nero Fast Burning Plug in.” But my account is an administrator and also the only account on this computer. I’m sure there is a box I have to check off or something but I can’t figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You may need to use Nero Burn Rights. In theory you shouldn’t have to but this may be a quick easy fix. Nero does have some issues with account policies. Are you positive you are an Admin? How did you check?

BurnRights for Nero Here.

Thanks for the suggestion but that program didn’t seem to change anything. Any other leads?

I’m assuming I’m an administrator but I’m not sure. I checked by going into control panel, then accounts, then selecting my account, then checking “change my account type” but "computer administrator was already selected. Also, it has “computer administrator” under my account name. Is there some uber administrator or something that I need to sign in as?