Dimensions of DVD's?

Ok i have completely dropped the idea of making dvd cover (2 much hassle and iam getting those dvd boxes) so iam focusing on makign dvd labels.

I have lots of cd/dvd label programs…however the dvd i have (printables) differs in the dimension inside. And i dont know which one is what and their length etc and how to set it in nero/coverxp pro. I also have sonic dvdit pro.

For example…these ones:
has a smaller hole as opposed to:

Iam scared because if i print it wrong the top of the cd/dvd would look horrible and perhaps screwed up. I dont know if the printer has an automatic setting to reseize it or the program does it.


Would i be able to contact Nero about it?


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[B]davidw89[/B], I think perhaps you should clarify your questions. The reason why nobody has answered could be, that it isn’t clear what you’re asking.

So you’re talking about setting up the cover designers for hub-printables and non-hub-printables?
I think the printer would detect the dimensions automatically, but I don’t know your printer model.

See this post - I think he’s going for a Canon IP4200?

Dimensions as the hole in the middle?? The size of that hole? If it doesnt detect i end getting prnting too much hole or too less.

How much more details do you need…the area of the circle/??

Anyone who wants more details dont hesitate to ask. I’ll see if i can get a scan to show you what i mean.

To make it simplier…iam asking how i can change the dimernsion/size of the ring.

What type of printer is it?

Both canon and epson have pretty good pieces of software that work with their printers so I suggest you give that a try.

To be honest I thought the Nero cover designer was strictly for printing labels, not for printing directly onto a disc (LightScribe and Labelflash excepted).



and to cover your next q check the second post at the link below


Wow THANK :slight_smile: