Dim Q #1: What DVD Burner Do I have, really?



The box says it’s a MicroAdvantage 8DVDRW-B13. But what is it, really? I know that I’ve seen a website to find out who really makes any given unit, but, for the life of me, I can’t find it again.
Your help is appreciated.



If you have Nero, you can use it’s info tool to tell you what the real manufacture is…also, control panel (if your using windows) should give you some clues…:slight_smile:

For example…my dvd-ram is boxed and kitted as a “vivastar” but both nero and w98se report it as what it really is, a matshita-ldf…frankly it’s aptly named…LOL

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply, I should have known that!

OK, Device manager says “IDE1008”
Nero says the same thing, but also says that it is “vendor: 4”

Any ideas?


It says to me, that your firmware is reporting nothing that makes sense to me. Hrmm…on face value a truly generic drive.

What os are you running? 98/98se/winme/xp sumfin?


Well, Zig-Zag it SHOULD be pretty darned generic, it was free after rebate. The store had a 4x -R on sale for $49. I called and they wouldn’t hold one for me because “we have a pallet load of them”. I get there, and, of course, they had none. So, after a bit of debate, the manager swaps out the next model up, a $150 dual format 8x, for $49. Then the cash register spits out a rebate for…$49!
Ah, a good day. Only took 2 months to get my money back.

OK, I’m running XP-P, Prune Flavor with Garish Chrome trim.



LOL…yeah, I hear ya…:slight_smile:

well…I’m no guru…but if thats all the info reports…there was a sticker on top of the drive…sorry, but the ident info means nothing to me, perhaps the drive has markings.

never had a drive post like that,

Did it require drivers, or did xp just see it?


XP picked it up right away, no problems, unit works great at 4x and on CD-R’s. I just ordered some Prodisc 8X DVD-R so we’ll se how that goes. Hey, for free, I’m not complaining, just curious as to what media will run best, firmware upgrades etc.
Thanks for your help, keep em rolling. :iagree:



BTC makes an IDE1008 drive. There is a post on it here.


thats useful info…don’t use btc, so not privy to it.


something i snagged from here…btc 1008 :iagree:

we seem to have something approaching an answer…:slight_smile:


>we seem to have something approaching an answer…:slight_smile:

Yeah, I left them a note with the url of MicroAdvantage, we’ll see.


Yeah, I left them a note with the url of MicroAdvantage, we’ll see.[/QUOTE]

Well, we’ll see…but alot of smart peeps here, think we’ve narrowed down you drive,:slight_smile:


Honestly…I had the same problem with my “vivastar”…till sombody here said…umm…did you look at it in control panel? I build these things…felt dumb as hell…lol


with 8x-r you will not be very lucky, the ide 1008 is only a 8x+r drive, you will only be able to write the disks @ 4x.

what F/W is currently on your drive?


u have the BTC dvd1008 like herbei said stay with 4x till they get better fw…i have the 1008 and 1004 and they are both BTC even though they were boxed as emperex