Dilemma! Nero or PC at fault?

After importing the latest holiday camcorder tape (via DVD recorder) into Nero and completed the editing of the project (six titles totaling 75 minutes) when I started the transcoding process prior to burning onto a DVD disc, I observed that after about two minutes the progress viewing screen stopped for an exceptionally long time of about over ten minutes, that is even although the progress / time lapsed bar was still moving and indicating as though everything was OK.

The other thing that was observed was when a further check was made well after the aforementioned ten minute check, the prior to frozen screen had picked up to what it should be showing against the time factor indicated, and when the subsequent burn was tested on a DVD player everything seemed OK as though nothing had gone wrong during the process.

I have done a lot of editing but this is the first time this has responded like that, I even aborted the transcoding process three times as I thought a glitch had occurred, however further attempts always froze on or near the same point.

I would appreciate any pointers on possible reasons for this annoying problem.

hmm well I might or might not be able to help but please post what version of Nero you have that will help users on here better find the solution.

You don’t really need the preview window. Using it is probably increasing the processing time. What would cause the freeze i’m not sure, but it could be just the cpu working incredibly hard to display the results.

Sorry forgot to mention that, its Nero 6.

I would like to reiterate though that I have done a reasonable amount of editing (about ten DVD’s of approx 3GB each) using “exactly” the same set up and this is the first occasion that this has happened.

(PC is HP t340 2.6GB Pentium / 1024 RAM and with 20GB remaining on HD)

Are you using a 2pass process?

NVE will require up to 10gb to create a DVD movie and the performance can be noticeably affected by bad fragmentation of the HDD. So I’d suggest maybe trying to make more space & regularly defragging as a way of improving things.

Thanks all for the info so far, all points noted! and yes, I always use the two pass mode and after this problem cropped up I carried out a defrag on the HD, however it hasn’t seemed to help any in this respect.

I suppose what really gets me is I use exactly the same procedure all the time, and haven’t changed any settings anywhere, and find it puzzling how this suddenly crops up.

One thing I did wonder about is, I have a few projects completed in Nero 6 Rev.6.00W, if I install Rev.6.65W (as came bundled with a second Sony burner) is this liable to spoil the edited but as yet unburnt projects made in 6.00W, or wont it have any effect?

My [U]guess[/U] would be that previous projects would be handled just fine.


. Well, my first guess is that you are running out of HDD space, but it sounds like you’ve looked at that already. Defragging was a good idea.
. My second guess is that you don’t have enough horsepower, but your rig should be up to the job. I’d try closing the preview, as per sikoone - if nothing else, it ought to speed up the process a little bit.
. My third guess is that a source file is corrupted or has a passage that the encoder is bogging down on.
. As a rule of thumb, an app will handle files created with the same major revision (6, in your case). Unless someone pops up and says my RoT doesn’t apply in your case, I’d go ahead and upgrade. Just make sure you save the old installer in case you need to degrade back.
. Edit: Oh yeah, investigate any changes made to your system hardware/software since the last time you were problem free.

All points noted so far and various checks made as suggested, so thanks to everyone that replied, however as I haven’t made any changes whatsoever to the PC or its settings and likewise nothing has been altered in any of Nero’s settings I decided it was time to post an enquiry into Nero’s e-mail help line, as I suspect there has to be some devious reason for the problem.

Regarding my query on installing the 6.65W software version over the 6.00W, I found out that all seemed OK after I opened an existing project that I had previously edited and made a successful burn on (the problem 75 minute one originally referred to) but then a file analyzing progress bar came on over the opened project resulting in a message stating that the content would not fit onto a standard DVD and asked if I would like to expand it to fit a DVD 9, or alternatively reduce the quality to fit a standard disc, against the grain I clicked on “reduce quality” but then another message came on stating that Nero couldn’t do it automatically and I would require to manually reduce its size. As I had already heavily edited the projects content I decided that I should revert back to version 6.00W which I did do with no problems.

Should Nero reply with anything that hasn’t already been suggested I will post the feedback.