Dilemma - ISO Read w/.mds or File Mode

Ok, I have a question. I have about a hundred dvd’s I am planning on ripping to a file server networked to my Windows Media Center 2005 home theatre PC. I plan on having about 2TB of space, so I don’t plan on compressing any of the movies, because its not really worth my time.

Anyhow, what I have always used in the past to make backups is the trusty ole’ DVD Decrypter (R.I.P.) using ISO Write/ISO Read modes. Well, now the dilemma I am facing, is that to use the My Dvd’s feature in Windows Media Center 2005 (enabling that feature using TweakMCE) you have to rip using file mode, so there is a VIDEO_TS folder, in which Media Center searches for the video_ts.ifo or whatever to actually play the movie. That is all fine and good, I have no problem with that. However, what concerns me is the fact that I would like to also keep in tact the .mds file, in case dual layer discs ever become affordable I would like to just be able to copy a disc off the file server, still keeping the layer break in tact. The question I am posing, is there a way to use the .mds file along with a VIDEO_TS folder, to burn the image exactly as if I was using the .mds with the ISO? Hopefully this question makes sense to someone out there!? Also, I know I could rip with ISO mode, and mount the images using Daemon or Alcohol, but that I don’t want to go that route due to the limitation of the number of drives allowed. I basically want the My DVD’s folder to look just like the My Music folder in MCE2005, where I just click on it and it plays, without having to mount any images. Any suggestions?

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Dump the Microsoft crap and get a decent Media Center Software that can read ISOs.

Ok, any recommendations on which one?