Dilemma about Datawrite

I know that there are so much better brands for blank dvds, but I’m now forced to choose between:



DATAWRITE DVD-R 16X Grey (ProdiscF02)

So, which are the smallest evil? :slight_smile:

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Ideally, none of them…they’re all “evil” :bigsmile:

What burner/firmware do you have? Might be handy to know, if you really have to buy Datawrite…some MIDs are better with some burners/firmware.

For example - the Datawrite Grey (Prodisc F02) burn OK on my LiteOn 1693, but neither of my LGs will touch them.

The reputation of the Titanium is less “awful” than the reputation of the “regular” Datawrites. But I have no personal experience with these.

I’ve heard scary stories about the grey ones (Prodisc), so I think it’s better to exclude them.

Why on earth you are limited to this choice… is not my business, agreed, :bigsmile: but nevertheless… considering the price of media these days, it’s strange to take risks. :confused:

Hehe, I never knew that…you learn something here every day! :bigsmile:

I’d exclude the Datawrite Grey too, even though I have another 50 of them (bought for me!)…if my LGs won’t burn them, then they’re not too terrific, IMO - LGs seem to like quality. :slight_smile:

This is according to [B]Dakhaas[/B] (whom I tend to trust on media matters). :slight_smile:

EDIT Stop the press, I think I remember Dakhaas was referring to the MCC03RG20 Titaniums. :doh:

Actually I can’t help in selecting anything here. TTH01 and TTH02 are good discs when TDK-branded, but depending on the brand it can be of very different quality. And, frankly, Datawrite… :frowning:

Looks like it depends on your burner.

Just to clarify, I don’t think TTH01 is sold under any brand other than TDK. :disagree: I am fairly confident that TTH01 is only made in Japan and Luxembourg by TDK, whereas CMC makes TTG02 for E-net.

It’s too bad that TDK is closing down their plant in Luxembourg though, because TTH01 was good stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: Actually I’ve just tried to search for Datawrites with TTH01 and indeed, I couldn’t find Datawrite disc with this MID.

Are you sure about that, [B]Sa/aGe[/B]? :confused: - wouldn’t it be TTG02?

Datawrite yellow 8X -R that I found: TTG02 and CMC MAG AE1.

Well the site where i’m buying theese says so and usualy they do not make mistakes.

And for everybody else who asked i’ll be using theese on LG 4163 with A105.

I saw some tests on http://www.dvd-recordable.org/ about the tth02 and they weren’t so bad. For now i’m leaning towards them.

Wonder what was posted earlier. hMM :wink:

Okay seems some on wants to be adventerous.
TTH01 from Datawrite Yellow is that correct ???
Shouldn’t it be TTG02.
Or is CMC now also producing TTH01. Hmm which could be possible with TDK closing there own sites.

So because of the questionable state I would avoid these.
Then we have ProdiscF02. Well if your really are adventerous you could take them. :wink:

So safest buy of these are the titaniums.
The Datawrite titaniums so far have allways been the most consistant E-net products.

Why are you forced to choose between these 3?

TTH02 (at least TDK branded ones anyway) should burn quite decently on a 4163B. Don’t expect TY type quality of course.

Because he is adventerous like I said befor. :bigsmile:

Not sure about the other MIDs (the “TDK” MIDs), but be warned, LG can be very picky with discs that…aren’t the best. Indeed, I got a couple of Prodisc F02 (Datawrite Grey) coasters with my LG4167B (DL13) yesterday. My 4163B will burn them, but it doesn’t like it. :wink:

I feel better, I haven’t been putting the wrong words in your mouth. :slight_smile:

I found some imation DVD-R 8x discs, made in Luxembourg (as said on the packaging), with TTH/TDK Media ID a few days ago. A shop had them on sale…

the website www.dvd-recordable.org is owned by enet the disc distributor and there guru flash works for enet so there reviews MAY be biased :iagree:

Personaly I bought a 50 spindle of datawrite classic grey 8x to get 99p shipping from SVP. Ended up being pleasantly surprised as I was expecting [I]really[/I] crap disks. Qscan has given pretty smooth readings for writing at 4x, but tracking errors all over the shop at 8x projections.
In practice, my writes at 4x have so far all given decent results on BenQ1620 (B7W9). I wouldn’t expect a sucessful write at 8x on my burner with them, but I tend to burn 8x media at 4x anyway, except where I find 8x gives a better burn (CMC MAG. AE 1 for instance). Burnt about 10 of the greys so far.