Dilema: Sony 530 vs Memorex True 8X Dual Format

Hi everyone,

I am having a big dilema as to buying which of the two to buy. One of my friends suggested that Sony produces good qulaity dvds and that the 530 now has a firmware that makes it both the + - formats at 8 times on 8X DVDRs. At the same time, I understand that it takes longer when using 4X DVDRs. Then I saw the ad for Memorex True 8X Dual Format and read somewhere that it can do the 4X DVDRs also at the same speed as the 8X. While, the Memorex True 8X Dual Format comes bundeled with Nero, there is very sparse info on the this hardware’s specification.

Has any one evaluated this? Which should I go for? Any assistance in making the choice is appreciated.

Have a great day!


The memorex true 8x is a pioneer DVR-107D. And according to my information it requires 8x media to write at 8x - just like the pioneer DVR-107D.

I do not have the sony myself. But I know that with firmware 2.0a it’s one of the faster DVD+R writers due to P-CAV writing tech at 8x speed. 8x DVD-R writing is still done with Z-CLV writing tech tough. (information comes from Ian @ www.cdrlabs.com)

The drive is made by Optorite and is a Optorite DD0401 with an improved firmware and a bit differnt front bezel if I’m right.

I don’t know which one of these to recommend over the other.