Digix HT-1056A

I have a digix ht-1056A dvd home theater system and it worked good until I pressed " setup " and then “video” after that I pressd the tab that idicated I wasn’t on s-video ( but i was ) and thats when the tv screen went blank …That was 3 days ago …It is still blank despite my pressing every button 10 times ,unplugging the power cord to reboot and checking all connections several times .I get good audio and all buttons work like volume ,up ,down and so on but no video.I changed settings on tv but still blank …my tv and vcr work great .If I could get the setup screen to come on again I could change back to s-video which worked great ( I just had to monkey with it ).
I e,mailed the digix people but got no answer yet .
Can someone help with this ? thanks ,Neil