Digitising analogue signals may violate DMCA by ignoring ACP

I just posted the article Digitising analogue signals may violate DMCA by ignoring ACP.

Back in
June 2005, Macrovision
sued Sima Products for making video processors that made it easy for
consumers to circumvent Macrovision’s analogue copy protection (ACP), such as…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12229-Digitising-analogue-signals-may-violate-DMCA-by-ignoring-ACP.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12229-Digitising-analogue-signals-may-violate-DMCA-by-ignoring-ACP.html)

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Soon we’ll have to undergo short term memory erasure so we don’t remember anything that we’ve just watched or heard and then stored in our ‘organic’ storage devices :o Thus we won’t be able to violate any copyright legislation as we won’t be allowed to remember anything that we could possibly violate the copyright of. This would hugely benefit Hollywood and TV companies as people would unknowingly pay again to see the same Film or PPV event simply because they won’t be able to remember that they’ve already paid for and watched it! People who have crappy memories anyway won’t notice any difference though :S

seems like i will be forecd to dump the tv & hit the books…like good old days…i hope my imaginary is still good to enjoy books.

OK, so is it possible that some inventive DIY’er can come up with a Analog to digital to analog converter and release plans on the 'Net so that none of this would matter anyway?