from taiwan. made in taiwan.

which burners can support this media at 16x?
first of all, benq1620pro B7T9

2ndly, Liteon based TDK1612DLB ( liteon1653oem) also likes 16x, as expected. taiwan drives must supp taiwan media

inherited the best of Benq1620, MSI DR16-B is on par since it is an Benq oem drive.

how about nec3520 latest drive?

4x is saddening. discriminating ‘lousier’ media? :stuck_out_tongue:

Toshiba TSS-TH552A joins the rank of nec3520. 4x, that’s it.

wil Plextor 716a give me another hollow feeling?
8x…not bad lah…consolation prize

not forgetting the great LG4163 A101 also can happily burn at 16x

how Benq 1620pro B7T9 handled this media?

Infomedia 16x DVD+R @ 16x with LG GSA-4163B, 5:42min, slow lead-out.

16x writing, slow lead-out thr with the BenQ DW1620Pro

the ending spike is a killer…

Not bad! :slight_smile: