DigitalMax DRW3S163 (LiteOn 1633S)




I cross-flashed the drive to LiteOn SOHW 1653S firmware and burned about 3 DVD+R DL and then it did not recognize the DVD+R DL media anymore. I reflashed it to 1633S firmware and it recognized the media fine but it burnt to 50 percent then it failed (I experimented about 10 DVD+R DL discs and it all failed on 1633S firmware)

I then think that I will reflash it with 1653S again and try with other type of media but I accidentally flashed it with 1693S. Then, all of a sudden the drive did not respond. I tried to reboot but the drive (on second IDE master) could not be found. I wonder if there is a way to recover it? I really loved this drive. It rarely failed on anything I burnt so far even with cheap media (with exception of DVD+R DL I mentioned).

Any help would be very much appreciated :bow:

Thank you in advance.