DigitalMax DRW-3S163/LiteOn 1633S burning questions

Hi all,
I picked up a DRW-3S163 from office Max this past November for 40 bucks. When I finally started burning DVDs, I crossflashed the burner to a Lite On SOHW-1633S with firmware BS41. I burned a few discs like that, but I got curious about the quality of the burns.

For that reason, I found out about kprobe and did some testing. The errors looked pretty rough from what I could tell. I started reading up on the drive and its related family, and noticed that everyone was talking about crassflashing to a 1653S, now, because of its new firmware. I tried that tonight.

I’ve done additional testing on a new burn with the CS0K firmware. The PI errors are considerably lower now, 18.54 compared to 54.84. At the same time, the PIF is higher now–1.81 compared to .60. Can anyone shed any light as to why this would be happening? I’m using DVD-R 4X TYG01 media from supermediastore, and I am burning with Nero, if that helps the completeness of the information.

I’ve also attached the two kprobe scans with the different firmware. Many thanks for any information you all can help with.

You must redo the scans at 4x, which is CDFreaks standard and post the new scans.

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i own that drive, crossflashed to 1653 cstj tho

u should not base ur things on the avg, u should base ur scans on the max

try some other media, and yes scan at 4x with the liteon drives

Hm. Thank you both for your comments. I’ve rerun tests on both the discs now, though I don’t currently have access to any other media aside from the TYG01 stuff.

I also really didn’t realize that the speed setting in Kprobe held that much bearing. I’ve attached the new tests. The scores are better in all ways this time around. The disc burned when the drive was a 1653S is definitely in better shape than the first, though.

Stay with the 1653S. Nothing wrong with the scans. Stick with TYG01 media.

yeah, not bad, did u do a reset of the empron(spelling) after u flashed to the csok? if not that may help even more if you do, but back it up before reseting it if u do

Gah. Things got worse. The burner started making bad burns, so I went ahead and tried backing up and resetting the EEPROM’s learned burn settings. Things seemed to improve again for a few burns and then I ended up with this:

Are the media genuine, it could fake Taiyo Yuden.

yea, u got any other media?

I don’t have any other media, currently. I’m still getting mediocre to bad burns though, with the TGY01 stuff.

Also, I bought it from, which I had heard many people say was a reputable place, so I’m guessing they aren’t fakes, right?

Edit: I also just reset the learnt media again. I immediately got a burn that was much better than the past few. (Max 70PI, 2 PIF) Why are my burns going to crap after I burn a couple discs?

you may also want to try +r media instead of the -r. liteon’s like the +r better. btw, i have same drive and am using bs41.

I too have 3s163 Digital Max & am currently crossflashed to BS41 making it a 1633s.

Is it better to stay with the BS41 or cross flash to a 1653 using CSTJ? (btw–codeking’s postings like CSTJ f/w over CS0K)

Well, it looks like it is the media.

I just picked up some 4X Maxell DVD+Rs from the store, and I ended up with an infinitely better burn than the supermediastore TY DVD-Rs have been giving me.

I just called supermediastore now to see about returning them.

LiteOn drives do burn much better at DVD+R than to DVD-R.

Were the TYG01 fakes.