Digitally remaster

I have allot of CD’s from the 80’s that sound horrible compared to my 90’s CD’s. They are still good as they are original but compared to newer audio CD’s there is just not high clarity and fidelity as the volume goes up. I know it’s impossible to DM them if you ain’t got the copy of the original source. But is there any other way I can improve them with a software or something?

Hi! - Older 70’s/80’s recordings don’t sound as crisp as what we’re used to now because of the limitations of the recording technology used in those days. Re-mastering can cure this of course, but is an art in itself (which I don’t claim to master myself :wink: ). Nothing prevents you from experimenting on your own however. Most any sound editor, be it CoolEdit/Audition, WaveLab, SoundForge, GoldWave, Audacity, etc., will allow you to manipulate the sound to better suit your preference. Just rip the CD’s onto your hard drive as wav-files and edit away. Perform the editing itself in 24-bit or 32-bit floating point resolution to minimize losses in the process.

If you want it really simple, maybe Magix Music Cleaning Lab is something for you. It has an “Enhancer” option, I believe.

Another (quite easy) possibility would be to use the wave-out playback function of a software player like WinAmp or foobar to add equalizer/DSP effects to your original wavs. :slight_smile:

Nero includes a program for this as well.
I´ve used it and it seems to work ok.

I can recommend Sony’s SoundForge and WaveLab!