DigitalContainers new content patent tracks user to user

I just posted the article DigitalContainers new content patent tracks user to user.

This is a very interesting/disturbing concept for the protection of content. A patent has just been granted to DigtalContainers that describes a system whereby a protected digital content …

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How long till the MP3 format gets as f*d as Music/Game CD’s which won’t play in so many fing drives? [expletives modified]
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The better question is how long until this new DRM is hacked, and the DRM disabled on copies?

how long before DigitalContainers finds out it hs no market for their IP? :g One of many of a ‘new breed’ of companies wanting to leverage the popularity of file-sharing networks without, in fact, sharing much at all - delivering the goods DRM style in their own proprietary package (one of many out there), yet still hoping it somehow catches on with the masses, and still hoping and relying on these very networks for sharing of their protected content. Content is shared when deemed valuable. How are they going to make this valuable and popular unless they offer something valuable to those that share it? There are plenty doing this DRM thing now with their own flavour, and where does it all lead? User frustration, unnecessary limitations, incompatibilities…and all the while making ‘insecure’ goods look so much more attractive. I would love to see how this copes without an internet connection, with a new computer, or formatting your existing one after you’ve paid for the content. I think a demo or three is in order. ‘Unprotected’ physical goods are looking more and more attractive by the day. When they wake up and realise that piracy of content will never go away, and can help as much as it harms, they will come to their senses. Meanwhile, sales of (legit) DVDs skyrocket as DVD burners do too. People with the ability and capacity to pay for something will pay for things which they believe are worth having and give them flexibility and compatibility in their use. In other words, value. Maybe this is where the focus should be, rather than limiting our freedoms in these new formats and hoping we bite?

Agree with cynicalB…this relies on an internet connection, so to be effective it would not be able to be used without a live connection…misses the point really…:X