Digital Video Capture to AVI drops frames

I have an older sony digital camera (mini DV Handycam Vision) that I bought in 1998. The quality of the video is fine when playing off the tape, but the final avi file that is created from capturing the video to my laptop appears to have dropped a lot of frames. My laptop is brand new and fast so it has nothing to do with the processor or disk speed. I don’t see an option to increase the frames per second for video capture. Is this normal and / or is it better to just get a camera that records directly to a harddrive or DVD?

What software are you using to capture the video? You say your laptop is brand new so I’m guessing you have Vista? Can you capture the video with Windows Movie Maker?


One thing that is recommended by all of the major video softwares, is that you have two separate hard drives for video work (important for capture and for encoding). The reason for this, is that your hard drive has to keep switching back and forth, between reading from the software what to do, and at the same time, try writing your video to the hard drive. While this can work successfully, the best method is to have two hard drives. One for software, and one for data. One thing that might help, would be to shut down all non-essential tasks on your system and try again.