Digital VHS takes over from DVD!

I just posted the article Digital VHS takes over from DVD !.

Wired news is reporting of a new format called D-VHS wich is going to compete with the DVD standard. Will this new format end the DVD? Read on!

LAS VEGAS – The DVD, which has plenty of problems…

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What you talking about? This will never take over DVD, this is a step backwards. With this D-VHS you cant jump to scenes and they wont offer interactive features. Ok so you can get High Defition video on it, but in a few years HD-DVD will be released.

DVD is here to stay! Why cant JVC realise that the VHS Tape standard is dead! If research goes well then FMD will be the next big thing. Sod Tape, discs are better!

I hope dvd stays because else i have to buy another device and that expencive!!!

DVD will be the best, beceause discs are better than tapes!

tapes are magnetic and are quicker broken…discs are optical, that rulez !
sorry for my english but you know what i mean, i hope :wink:

This sh*t won’t work. I’ll tell JVC to look at this page. This new technology called Fluorescent Multi-layer DiscThis will rule! It uses the same phsycal (cd) format. Last time I checked it could hold over 200 Mb of data in about 20 layers. The drive part is a regular cd-rom with a $5.00 add-on.

C3D recently unveiled a new CD-ROM format capable of storing 140Gb – or more than 7 times the capacity of the average DVD – on a single disc. The new Fluorescent Multi-layer Disc (FMD-ROM), which allows multiple tracks on the disc to be accessed practically simultaneously, has a release date slated for later this year (2000). With the new format a person could, as the author of this article notes, store “20 hours of HDTV (MPEG-2 compressed) video, a small library or the contents of your entire CD collection, uncompressed, on a single 120mm disc!”

Well, the page is

Look this!
Increased Disc Capacity
DVD data density (4.7 GB) on each layer of data carriers up to 100 layers. Initially, the FMD disc will hold anywhere from 25- 140 GB of data depending on market need. Eventually a terabyte of data on a single disc will be achievable.

So, i’ll call it the DVDead.

JVC (D-VHS) thinks about video the same way as Philips thought about audio (DCC tape). We all know that the DCC didn’t make it, and why it didn’t. Same reasons you can take for D-VHS…

Personally i think DVD is there to stay… But do you remember the BETA MAX video system? That system was much better then the VHS system wich we use nowadays, and guess who made it to every household now? VHS… despite it’s less functionality

backwards compatability could be good, but I agree. no-one could possibly SEE 2xdvd quality and as for not being piratable this is nonsense. you would feed the video in via a capture card and then compress it and put it on something else, possibly out the other end of a capture card to another media? encryption technologies, haven’t we been here before, THEY DON’T WORK

en toch zou ik heel graag zo’n HDTV hebben…

There’s one (good thing about it, it can play normal tape, so this DEAD format can play another DEAD format.


Boy, pretty good…seems to me an enhanced DAT-tape. Yes, tape!!! I once bought a DAT-recorder. Plenty of problems, winding too slow. This recorder became completely useless to me when the first CD-recorders came out. A tape will never be better than a disc. Discs are faster and it’s possibilities are much larger (Why do’nt people use tape streamers, which is in fact a D-VHS tape in another jacket???.)



The article represents lame reasons, why the the new D-VHS should be secure. Think about it… If it aint possible to rip, the size of the data doesn’t matter, so maybe it can be ripped. And if it can be ripped, the size doesn’t matter, because it can always be compressed… tsk tsk tsk

The article represents lame reasons, why the the new D-VHS should be secure. Think about it… If it aint possible to rip, the size of the data doesn’t matter, so maybe it can be ripped. And if it can be ripped, the size doesn’t matter, because it can always be compressed… tsk tsk tsk

Heres 2 reasons why everyone should see this format as DEAD…

  1. D-VHS Deck is $2000
  2. ONLY TV to support this costs $10000

If they think people that earn $30000 a year before taxes can afford $12000 of this bullshit then there smoking more shit that we are!

I dont have DVD yet cause Im waiting for FMD which will make the DVD look like a 60 min normal bias audio tape!

Here is the one quote that will stand up for protection.

“If you can hear it, or see it, you can own it!”

Back in the 50’s, Some tv shows that were done Live were recorded by an 8MM camera in front of a tv.
[since they had nothing else to keep a better copy with]

Worst Case scenario, pop a standard video camera in front of the tv and let it roll, a few hours later, its in DivX and all over the net.

You think the millions of people that can buy and rent DVD’s now, are going to buy a player that DOSEN’T connect to any TV they own?

Much less pawn their car to buy the TV and Digital-$hit player?

Say word…it sounded half way possible until that price!! And then, to say that it CAN’T be ripped or compressed or whatever…
Yeah, O.K. Not to diss or anything, but JVC is bugging out!! All I know is that they used to make the ‘Most wickedest’ boom-boxes back in the day…

There is one major reason i like DVD better than VHS, no rewinding!!! That and the image doesn’t get crappier after every watch (my old movies, i miss you!)

I think DVD makes a better chance of succeding than D-VHS. People like the CD format and DVD is nothing else then an upgrade. Next step: FMD? What about the organic CD’s which are developed by Philips? It can carry about 1.000.000 times the capacity of the CD we know today…

There’s is another thing that makes D-VHS better then DVD…and that’s the sound…
DVD = 5.1
D-VHS = 7.1