Digital tv and dvd recorder set up

i have just bought a dvd recorder with freeview built in and cant get it to find the ntl csble box to record off.i have a tv with 2 scart sockets,a digital receiver and analogue box how will i be able to wire them up so that i can record a digital channel.any help would be much appreciated…thanx in advance,andy,

The DVD recorder you have purchased can record off of the freeview digital signal, this signal comes through your TV aerial if you are in a freeview area. It will not record any cable signal without being connected to a cable box, if you only have 1 cable box then you are stuck recording the channel you are watching

To record off of NTL you will need to connect the NTL box to the DVD recorder instead of directly to the TV.

I think your DVD recorder will only have 2 scart sockets so you will need to unplug one of the NTL boxes from your TV and plug it into the back of the DVDR then connect the DVDR to the TV using another scart lead.