Digital Tuner

I’ve searched with no luck.
Is there a recorder out there with features similar
to the LITE-ON HD-A760GX but with a digital tuner?
Actually one with both analog and digital would
be best. :slight_smile:

Yes, some companies are starting to dip their toes into providing a digital tuner. That they haven’t up to now is due to a few reasons. The main reason no one has done this before is that there is a veritable grab-bag of DTV standards around the world. For example, a set-top box bought for Australian conditions would probably not work in the States, etc. The secondary reason is that the Film studios are a bit nervous about people being able to make grain-free HD / SD copies of stuff on tv.

Common sense is starting to prevail and now some manufacturers are starting to bring out digital DVD recorders. In Australia the first manufacturer to do so has been DGTEC. Here’s a link:
I think that Pioneer will soon have a similar unit on the market and doubtless the likes of Sony and Panasonic will follow.

For the moment, the only option for those already in possession of a DVD recorder with analogue tuning is to connect the unit to a digital STB via the highest quality connection and hope for the best…this is what I have done and I generally get very nice recordings.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing for now - recording through
a stereo VCR’s tuner for analog TV and through a new
Digital Stream STB for digital (my recorder has a mono
tuner :frowning: ).

I have heard or seen any DVD recorder for VHS/DVD combo that have dual anolog/Degital Tuners.

I guess you mean you have [I]not[/I] heard or seen. :slight_smile:

Chuck…why don’t you check out DGTEC’s site and mail them about whether or not the unit will work in the States and how much it would cost to ship…worth a try.

Thanks. I doubt their machines would work here
though, unless they have a division here.

Edit: I just sent the company an e-mail asking
if they make machines for the US market.

If you are talking about Stand Alone DVD Recorder with Analog/Digital Tuners yes there are some with even HD capability but cost $700-$1200 at BB or CC.

Brands? Model Numbers? :confused: I haven’t seen any in the stores with a digital (ATSC) tuner. Overseas, yes, but in the states, no.

March 7, 2007 all VCRs/DVD Recorders will be required to have an ATSC tuner, so we may see some new ones by then. There will probably be a bunch of old ones with just the NTSC tuner in them for sale for months to come. I expect to see fire sales on DVD Recorders with NTSC only tuners this holiday season.

Panasonic already makes one, just not for the US market. It can be seen here

Yes, the only ones I found were for sale overseas
only, not in the US.

Chuck…did DGTEC write back to you and will their unit work in the States?

No, they did not. I doubt their unit would work
in the US. Looking at the specs, the resolution
numbers are all different than the standards here.
I asked them if they make a unit for sale here,
but no answer…

That stinks… I’m going to visit my favourite HiFi store in a few days. I’ve got a good friend who works there and he knows the DGTEC sales-rep quite well. I’ll get him to do a little “brain-picking” for you.

OK. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Chuck…sorry mate, it won’t work. To start with the units are designed with our voltage in mind…240~250V, whereas you guys operate on 110V. Secondly, our digital standards are different in that Australia’s SD is 540i, then “standard” hi-def of 720p followed by 1080i true Hi Def…The unit wouldn’t switch properly for your different scan rates, plus the digital bandwidth is different in the States, as well. Curiously, the unit [I]would[/I] work in Europe…ain’t that strange???

I was afraid that would be the case.
Thanks for checking.

You’re welcome…and good luck in your search. :slight_smile:

Anyone hear anything new?

Have been in Best Buy or Circuit City or even Fry’s Electronics lately?.