Digital Speakers needed for Digital Out?

I’m trying to set up a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card for a friend. He does a lot of movie editing and would like to use the digital out. Line out works fine but when I plug the speakers into digital out, I get nothing. I’m guessing digital speakers are required but I wanted to make sure before I take this any further.

Or a home theater setup with a digital input.

I [B]had[/B] my Audigy2 hooked up to my Klipsch Pro Media’s with no problem. I [B]have[/B] since went on to their X-Fi series and like it a lot better. Digital I/0.

There are no such things as digital speakers. What you may find at a store and which may work are speakers with a digital amp.

As previously stated, “digital speakers” is an oxymoron. You may store an audio stream digitally, but somewhere, that stream needs to be decoded into analog electrical current and then sent to the speakers, where that energy is converted from electrical to mechanical via the speaker cone & magnets, in order to be heard.