Digital sound problems



Hello all agian. My problem is (now i got my DVD situation fixed) Im having trouble with using the front headphone and mic jacks on my case. This is my current and first build.
Ultra Grid Mid Tower Case
Ultra 600w PS
Biostar TA790GX A2+ (onboard azalia HD audio)
AMD Athlon X2 5400+ Black Edition 2.8 (OCed 3.2)
Sapphire Radeon HD3600
Corsair PC6400 RAM 4gigs
Seagate 160gig HDD
Lite On iHAS120 DVD Burner (Unavalable atm replacing with a Optiarc AD-72xx)
Now My problem is on my Case the plug for the front audio has it printed on it AC’97…But My motherboard manual says its not acceptable and wont work which is very true since I didn’t catch this until I went to use it. Now Im wondering if there is a way around it to use my front jacks or adapting it to HD audio or any way possible to fix it. I am also in the market for a good 7.1 sound card when the time is right. Thanks for all your help and suggestions :slight_smile: I for got to mention that the plugs and socket are the same even know it says its not compatible.


They are wired differently. So your current case won’t work with your HD audio MB. You could look into a bay with HD audio jacks.


Well if you know how to solder and clip a couple of those wires, you could fix the problem on your own. There should be diagrams of the two connectors on the net.


Thanks for your response yes I am confident enough to do that kind of work and have the tools to do it…the hard part is finding the diagrams. IS there a certain place i can find these and being the plugs are the same will it matter that the connections are not DIGITAL? thanks again


If you want digital sound it’s either Optical, Coax or HDMI that’s suitable connectors.
Only HDMI can carry 7.1 unless you go analogue.