Digital skip



I have a digital skip on almost all of the dvd’s i have copied , about 2 minutes in to the movie it freezes up and then skips about 15-30 seconds and then continues without a problem for the rest of the movie, I use dvdfab5 , i have tried other copy programs with the same result, (most of the time), i have reviewed the movies prior to copying to blank dvd’s, and they don’t skip. i ususally save the movie before writing them to blank dvd’s, i also use the main movie mode when copying. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John


A couple questions. What brand of blank dvd disk are you using, what is the burn speed you are using, type of cpu, how much ram, and are you running other programs while you are burnig?


It seems a typical issue caused by a bad burned disc.

Most of times this is due to a low quality disc, and the only solution is to use only quality media.

Another frequent cause is the wrong burning speed selected. usually 16x discs can be burned with best results at 12x or 8x.

Another rather possible cause is that your drive needs a firmware update.

Try first to burn a quality disc like Verbatim. This should solve :slight_smile:


I have a hp pavilion 1210 windows xp media edition, 1.43gb ram, i am using TDK’S dvd+R 1-16X , I don’t have any other programs open when copying.


TDK discs are not exactly the very best available.

Try to reduce slightly the burning speed and see if this solve. But probably it’s sufficient to use Verbatim discs.