Digital Rights Management - The war on copying

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  With all the legal download services springing up here and there that  protect their content with Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, many do  not realise how much cost and effort is...
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"DRM ideally should be transparent "…no thanks…I’d like to know BEFORE a piece of software flashed my computer into the microsoft only user group…:X

“… the costs of DRM add up on both the consumer and product maker sides.” :r That is total crap! The product maker does not absorb any cost they all pass all costs for DRM (and any other “overhead”) on to all purchasers. In the end it costs CONSUMERS, product makers do not lose a penny over these additional expenditures.

I have a strong feeling that tricks, or ‘frauds’, like this will only add to the raging piratism… The whole point about piratism if that the suppliers cannot make due to the demands of consumer, so that the consumer is driven to get his music/games/movies from the internet/pirated cd’s, since they are: a) Faster at your hand after the moment you decide to get them b) Cheaper(duh… can’t really be changed ultimately…) c) Better functional(like copyprotected games or music that won’t play on PC…) d) More easily managable and better preserved(no DRM tricks, the format ages less and you can even use the same music in your both OS’s :wink: e) The companies representing the products give an overall ‘EVIL’ image… Then again, companies of good products and no extra crap(protections) are considered ‘more nice to us’, and therefore supported easier… f) I allready forgot some points, but I guess I could go on for ever… :wink:

Honestly, the suits have no clue this time. I await the DRM backlash, which has already started.

I just don’t understand all this didn’t the failure of the DVD that only lasted a few times tell them anything, if people cant use what they pay for in a way that suits them they just will stop buying it ,One last point the people who spend the most on software are the type who like collections but if they cant be sure it will work on there next piece of hardware then they will go for a different format I even know some who wont buy a DVD if it has adverts they cant skip on the front