Digital Rights Management Research

Hi all am a student who is researching Digital Rights Management (DRM) for a university dissertation. I noticed there was quite a bit of discussion on DRM on the forums and would appreciate anyone who could take time out to fill in a short annonymous questionnaire on the subject.



Is another april fools joke? Are you russian?lol

I personally would’nt bother with this one as if you have ever downloaded illegal music/games, expect the filth to be knocking on your door.

LOL i got a similar response on another website! If I was the cops, or the RIAA, or whatever it would be entrapment which is illegal. Anyway that’s why I left the questionnaire as anonymous so people would fell more secure giving honest no bull shit answers.

So if you can please fill it in it would help me out a lot and I’d also be happy to discuss DRM with anyone on this forum.

One think about the net… your never anonymous. :eek:


I cant beleive this! You’ll all openly talk about how to hack the shit out of Napster but answering a 1 page questionnaire is too risky??

Thanks to anyone who has bothered to look at it though.

I think the problem is that what you are asking is for people to directly admit something, not just imply they do it.

If I where you I would rephrase the questions to something less incriminating like “have you ever used a p2p service to download music?”. You can still know that 99% of those answers will be refering to illegal music, but alot more people will answer as it could be legal music they where downloading, but as I said, this is very unlikely that there where only using it for legal music.


Ben :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just ask if I fuck my sister in the ass or smoke weed? BTW yes and yes!

Survey completed.
Hope it helps you.