Digital Rights Management: Is it killing capitalism?

I just posted the article Digital Rights Management: Is it killing capitalism?.

 A  reporter from The Inquirer is relating a great story for thought today. It actually began last  June, via a letter he received by email, that was the catalyst to this very ...
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I say let’s get DVD-Jon on to it right away :d, I’m sure he’ll be able to un-cripple the files in time. The release the source code to do it… :d As for Windows Media Centre? Would you buy one? It’s nothing short of letting Big Brother into your home. I’m quite sure that in time the Media Centre will go the same way as the Tablet PC…why? Because it’s shite…but it’s only shite because it’s crippled…uncripple it and it’s probably not a bad idea, assuming it doesn’t suffer from constant blue screens of death. :+ Hey but what a great article, telling the world the reality of Digital Greed Management!

My biggest beef is with the 'Marketers", they tell us what we want and we should have it now, and then try to persuade us to give up an arm or a leg to purchase it! The problem is there are too many middle men, I suspect that what the RIAA & the like are afraid of is that Creators will discover that they can market their products with out them and thus cut them off from their obscene profits, for which they create nothing and do very little except 'DO LUNCH"!

That’s the way it works We got VCRs and afterwards DVD quality made tapes look bad…and DVD recorders came in…for your own convenience HDD recorders were introduced…with the “necessary” chips inside. On the other side of the business, they sell you the shows, and in the future they foresee, a “pay per view” system…so, There you have it - you wanna see twice, you pay twice! No matter if it is just that new bulletin, wild life documentary or other show you would like to keep for private acrchive…most of the time just for that after a second view. The databse will be there waiting for your credit card to be debited. What about the promises that drove you to buy the HDD recorder that would allow you to keep small bits on DVD? If you already have paid for it…marketers will be in action offering you something else to cash on you again.