Digital Rights Management enabled hardware is here!

I just posted the article Digital Rights Management enabled hardware is here !.

Sylvain used our newssubmit to tell us that the earlier announced new Creative Soundblaster products seem to be the first known PC cards that make use of Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is the…

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:r what can i say? this sux big time… but come to think of it, it’s gonna be cracked in a flash :4

Why crack it? Why even care about it? I won’t buy hardware protected stuff… I want my computer like it is right now. Full of freeware, with a free OS and a free wordprocessing and a free browser and … and … and :slight_smile: And not at all some stupid copy-protection-embeded hardware device.

All this is going go do is make people start buying more “no brand name” hardware pieces…which there are plenty of. Creative Labs sound cards are way overpriced and they’re really not the best there are. So, that makes three vendors I will no longer be buying stuff from:Microsoft, Intel, and Creative Labs. Any more???

Knowing this I’m sorry I ever bought a Sound Blaster Audigy. I encourage others to buy something else.

i dont see why this matters, it just means when using Media Player 9 to play back WMA files the optical out is switched off who here plays music though WMA? and who copies music from the optical out chill guys!

I too think it is a step in the wrong direction, but the solution is as simple as winamp.

Oh i only use the digital output for my DTT 3500 digital speakerset? Can i compare DRM with DVD regio coding. The are players on the way that play WMA DRM files with or without protection soon :4

Not familiar with DRM hardware but if its anything like a dongle it’s history, but in terms of the software that incorporates DRM i can think of at least three and possibly four places in the source code that lack substance and i only gave it a superficial look.

BTW, I think that Creativelabs should be sued for a defective product. Optical is the best digital connection as far as fidelity. What if I want to play DRM files into one of the high end sony recievers that will accept optical in?

I don’t see what the big deal is. Just don’t use the MS DRM supported audio player. You can still have all the new crap in your PC, just rip with an older PC (and most of you have networks in your house) to remove the encryption and you’re good. Or just switch to Linux, Lindows, etc. (but NOT Crapintosh)

“So, that makes three vendors I will no longer be buying stuff from:Microsoft, Intel, and Creative Labs. Any more???” Add AMD, Hammer will have DRM built-in. “I too think it is a step in the wrong direction, but the solution is as simple as winamp.” Winamp is owned by AOL Time Warner. You can bet that it’ll have DRM “security” features sooner rather than later. “I don’t see what the big deal is.” The point is that at this time DRM doesn’t seem like a big deal. Think what happens when everyone’s machine has it and all of a sudden big brother and the corporations tell you that you can’t run any software that isn’t DRM enabled. Your computer will also check into the mothership to make sure that you haven’t bypassed any DRM protection, and will notify the authorities if you have. Read this article by a Cambridge professor on how the TCPA/Palladium/DRM can “help” you:

Both Audigy 1 and 2 has DRM… Nothing new about that… Just reject any DRM material and the hardware will be of no use…

If you want hi-fidelity then wtf are you gonna be listening to WMA’s. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention total recorder… I’m glad that’s not DRM enabled :slight_smile: b.t.w… The GameTheater XP also has DRM of sorts in that the digital in is switched off when trying to copy from a copy protected stream. Only that unfortunate “bug” was eliminated in a really old version of the drivers (0n the CD that came with the card). Yet another piece of software to not “upgrade”

I have a Sound Blaster Audigy. It does say in the instructions that it supports DRM and that the Digital out ports are disabled while playing DRM protected content such as protected Windows Media. I tried encoding a DRM protected WMA, playing it back and at the same time, record it using Goldwave. There was no problem rerecording it. That was before I replaced the drivers. Anway, I replaced my Audigy drivers with open source KX drivers. The sound quality has improved on my 5.1 speaker system and it’s far more customisable than with the original Audigy drivers. I’m also sticking with OGG & MP3 and staying clear of DRM compatible codecs :slight_smile: Any music lovers with a SB Audigy or Live, check out :7

Oh well, I wont be buying Creative Sound Cards again.

Surely any file with protection woven into it is a piss easy target for cracking. Just select your file, process, and the result will be a protection free file. Well (cough) I’m not able to crack the sucka, but some bright geezer will for sure. :4