Digital right lobbyists picket UK record stores

I just posted the article Digital right lobbyists picket UK record stores.

This is something most countries can only dream about, English protestors that hand out leaflets in front of a store to protest against copy right technology on CD’s.

They want to tell the…

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How does one explain the “Law of Constant Stupidity” to Midbar, Sunncomm, Key2Audio and others since every scheme they have come up with has been cracked.

…because it does stop SOME people. Am glad to see that my country is standing up for our rights :slight_smile:

What rights, crappy music and high prices and they blame it all on hackers ignoring their own fallacies and while they continue with their protections they are INVITING HACKERS to prove them WRONG and guess what they are PROVEN WRONG. Even the experts in the music industry say this is is only a short fix like nanoseconds. They need to use their brains to reinvent music which they haven’t done yet