Digital Research Firmware?

This is my first post to the forums here at cdfreaks, by the way, great site. I just bought a Digital Research Dual format DVD burner (DDVDRW4d) and wondering were can I get newer firmware for my drive. First off, I have done some research and this is what I found out, the label printed on top of my drive has model # as DD0201 and says made by Accesstek Inc. Also my bios recognozied as a “Generic DVD dual 4xMAX” or something like that. So from what I read, my drive is a Optorite drive made by Accesstek, correct? I’m wondering if you guys can point me to the right firmware for my drive, so I don’t screw up my drive by trying to flash the wrong firmware to it. Also, is there any way I can flash the firmware from a DOS boot disk? I don’t use Windows, i’m currently using a debian-linux based distro.


I found what I believe offical firmware for your drive at the following link.

DD0201 F/W 2.60I
1084.01 KB

  1. Fixed a problem with Nero InfoTool
  2. Added support for more DVD media

As you can see, this is the 4th revision to your drive.

I am unsure if this is for DOS thou.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for that information. My firmware is currently at version 2.17, so I guess if something does not work as expected, I will try the newer firmware. Also, does anyone know, if there is any way of flashing this drive under DOS?


Hi, I bought an Accesstek DD0201. I had problems to get it work, but finally I got it connecting it as slave on DIM1. I downloaded last firmware from Accesstek site. I could write a DVD -RW with data using Nero 6, but I am sill having problems to burn a complete read only DVD -R.
A friend gave me a DVD copy of a movie, and I am trying with no success to copy it to a blank DVD -R.
I have an Intel Pentium III, 495MHz, 256Mb Ram, is this hardware enough?
I’m using Nero 6, but is there any other better?
Any help will be appreciatted.
By the way, Optorite buys the drives to Accesstek and just change the name in firmware.

I have the Digital Research Model #DD0201 DVD Burner. I was unable to burn on RITEK (ARITA) disc. I was using Sonic Record Now Max software. The burn would complete successfully. Then the burner would not read the disc nor would the disc play in my DVD player in living room. I upgraded to most recent firmware 2.601 I believe and viola it burned fine. Only bad thing is I’m burning the disc at only 2.3x. Starts out at 4.0x then about 10mb into the burn it drops to 2.3x. Was ripping at 1.1x before firmware upgrade after jumped up to 2.2x ripping speed. Anything I can do to raise these numbers?