Digital research burner

I have just recently purchased a Digital Research dvd+rw/+r, model#ddvdrw4. When I got the box home and opened, I had a letter stating that they have upgraded the unit to + and - at no charge. When using ANYDVD and Clone DVD I can make a backup using a dvd+rw and it works fine in my apex ad-500w, but when i use a dvd+r, it is not recognized in dvd burner or apex ad500w. I have checked on dvdhelp and it states that the apex ad500w is compatible with all formats. The media I am using is fujifilm.does anyone know what the problem is?

thanks, les

p.s. drive was bought from bestbuy

I am having the exact same problem I have called Digital Research and received no reply.

I can use clone dvd to burn an iso image. Then i fire up dvd decrypter and burn the image to dvd. everything works fine now.


I am using DVD-X-Copy because some of the movies I am backing up are larger than 4.7gb and DVD-X-Copy can compress some of the files. Any other Ideas

Use DVD Shrink and Nero!!!