Digital research 16X DVD-R/+R DL Burner for $29.50 at Staples

on clearance at Staples
Digital Research DDVD16DL
Specs are (Write Speed):
16X -R/+R
8X +RW
4X -RW
4X +DL
48X CD-R
I do not know what this drive a rebadge of, but definately not BenQ since I bought one
FW is A089
Made in China Sept 2005
I think it is a BTC drive
I am returning it

Price $29.50, -$3 ink cartdridge, -12% customer appreciation + Tax = $24. Can some1 confirm the rebadging of which drive??

12% customer appriciation? Is that automatic or is there a coupon somewhere???


Here where the coupon is posted.

It’s a BTC 1016-1116IM/IB/UI .

this drive is going back even I am only using it as a reader, no BTC drive for me. I was hoping at least a lite-on drive since it has good reading reputation. They still have a couple left in stock.

Well, I guess I’m slower than I thought.
I coulden’t find this at, and in the store they didn’t know what I was talking about. But you guys make it sound like a crap drive anyway so I guess it’s just as well.