Digital Research 16x Double Layer DVD+R/RW?

I just spotted this in OD sales paper for $129 after rebate. Any ideas what drive this may be? I couldn’t find it on OD site or on BB site. I wanted to see more of the drives details.

Discussed over at CDRLabs, the consensus seems to be Benq.

I didn’t think there were too many possiblities for it to be a 16x burner.

Well, very soon I expect to see the LiteOn 1633 turn up in an OEM package too. But this isn’t it.

It actually says BenQ on it so there no doubt of it and the device manager identifies as a Benq. Someone took a picture of it in the BenQ forum.

Yes, let everyone think they’re getting a Benq. Then next month, they’ll switch it to an Avaratec or Optorite, or something else that noone really wants. It’s amazing how history keeps repeating itself. I have no doubt the same thing will happen again.

Well he ask about what it is now, what you say goes without saying on rebadge equipment, but I can almost guarantee it’s going to be a BenQ if you buy now, due to the lack of other 16x drives.

And when they do go another brand it will probably have some identified serial on the outside, not to mention you could just pull it out and look at it or take it back.

Yes, that’s true. I guess I’m just a bit of a cynic as this story keeps repeating itself. That’s definitely a reason to buy the drive early in the production run so at least you have a better chance to get something decent.

It is a BenQ, KenW and I picked em up Sunday and they both were June 2004 drives with b5c9 firmware. Seems to be a nice unit so far, however it doesn’t over clock any 4x media to 8x, it doesn’t report PIF errors at all yet, and the read test speeds are less then 2x. The burn quality seems to be very good so far and it reads normal stuff at about 8x. It also automaticly sets plus media to rom booktype :slight_smile: also check this thread I started. I posted the wrong manufacturers name (duh, to many PD drives) but it’s the unit in question.

No 4x dvd+r are overclocked? :eek:
Not even ricohjpn r01, ritek r02, or mcc 002?

I used Ricoh r01 and no, just 4x speed with great quality. But give us time, somebody might crack the burn speeds yet, they’ve only been in our hands a day :stuck_out_tongue: They all ready released 2 firmwares since the one on the drive including a G today.

On Black Friday Staples has Digital research 16x for 40.00 with a$20 easy rebate. Is this a BQ drive???

Wow, revive a old thread. My 1600 is now a 1620 and still works great, I also have a new 1640 that is also a very nice unit. The Digital Research drive can be just about anything as they rebadge whatever they get the best deal on. One poster out there said he got a samsung in their newer orange box, some say they’ve gotten 1640 drives. Poke around here for what serials to look for and like that and what people have gotten lately. I just ask them to open the box and if they wont I just get it and open it in the lot, if it’s not what I want I return it right then.

Thanks for your quick reply. Staples opens at 6am on black friday. I am not sure if its worth getting up that early to save $20.00 . Its 40 with a 20 easy rebate. I hope its a benQ.

Hmm, is that $40 before the $20 rebate? If so, what a deal.

Yup thats $20 AR.

Dartman, damn how can you tell between all the drives right away? The benq 1640 is easy with its cutout for its chimney, but the rest of them :confused:

Well with many of them it’s the serial numbers that give away what drive is in the box. Sometimes when they introduce a new speed variant with certian unique features it almost has to be a certain drive, that’s the way it was when the very first BenQ 1600 rebadges came out, plus only support and dl 2.4 burn speed. Some makers seem to only rebadge certian manufacturesr, Mad Dog = NEC of some flavor. Poke around here, there used to be lists of what rebadge was what and ways to tell on the box by serials, also what most people end up within certain boxes. I ended up with 2 1620 drives when I got another Digital research drive later. They work so nice even though I was hoping for a panasonic or toshiba at the time I kept it and put it in a external enclosure. I have quite a few drives in use and laying around at this point :wink: