Digital Reseach, Who is Manufacturer of it?

Staples has a DVD burner in today’s ad “Digital Research” for $49.99 does any one knows who is manufacturer of this drive and what is actual model number for this drive that been repackaged as “Digital Research”.

I bought the same drive from Staples on Black Friday It’s a Liteon 1693S.
I’ve Read that they can be other drives too.

Could you tell us any phisical evidance to look for to ensure Lite-On inside?>

I couldn’t find anything on my box at all,but the label on the top of drive says Liteon
and the model #.Staples has a very good return policy, I’d just buy it and if its not the brand you want return it.

Digital Research is another IOMagic creation. If there’s a sticker outside the box with a serial number that starts with the letter ‘P’, then it’s a BTC. If there is no sticker, then it could be anything, BTC included.

If you want the Liteon newegg has them for about the same priced shipped.

Yes, but becareful the newegg price is for OEM (drive 0nly) while Staples one is retail package including software, cable and installation kit and mannual.