Digital recording of satellite radio is OK with the RIAA

I just posted the article Digital recording of satellite radio is OK with the RIAA.

 RTV71 used our news submit to tell us "So more money makes it acceptable. Like that was  unexpected."           What a find there on this story RTV71! This  article over at Wired really muddies ...
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I didn’t realise Sean Butson was so young! :g

“It’s obvious now that no one cares about copying if the cash flow is big enough. There are other ways to generate revenue and let digital freedom advance, let’s set this DRM aside now too while were at it.” Hammer. Head. Nail.

LOOL @freqnasty!

LMFAO at freq!

:r If you subscribe to satellite radio I’m sure you have your reasons but you are wrong. Radio over the airwaves is already a wasteland and once satellite radio kills it completely then satellite radio will become like cable tv. Remember Cable tv used to be commercial free. Now cable or satellite tv is a must for most and it’s filled with commercials and a crap load of shitty channels that you have to pay for as part of your “package” Once your on the hook they are gonna bend you over and let you have it. It’s a conspiracy to get you to pay for something you already get for free. I hope no one supports satellite radio. Buy a mp3 player and load it up. You don’t need satellite radio. It’s just another way for the entertainment industry to get more of your money.:frowning:

hello scum1-I hear you brother, but it is too late for me. I already signed a pact with the devil DirecTV and I am hooked! HD channels and commercial free radio by genre or decade with NO annoying disc jockeys or commercials (yet) and 5.1 surround. Somebody help me!!! :S

“Digital recording of satellite radio is OK with the RIAA” Can we get them to put that in writing? Otherwise in a year we will here them bitching about space pirates with their pirate machines orbiting Earth.

Amen to that SupremeChedder! Once I see it in writting, then i’ll believe it.

Perhaps we can get the MPAA to do the same thing with Digital Satellite service. :d