Digital reception (off an antenna)?

I have had cable at times (not for years), and due to the apartment I live in, dish’s are not an option (maybe). I cannot justify the cost for cable, just to get a few channels I like etc, but thats not what this thread is about. Its about brodcast tv. I’m still analog (tube tv). I have 2-3 hundred dollars worth of indoor antenas bought over years (I work at a clearance store that used to (key word, used to) get nice stuff. I have some really nice indoor antennas. I’m living in a dead zone though, (not one antenna will get a good picture, it could be building caused).

At work, we have a hidef tv (in the typical high celing type store). Local reception (analog) is total crap, as expected from the amount of steel in the building, but we get high def very clear, off a 6$ set of crappy rabit ears. Is digital broadcast that much better? It breaks up a lot, but its better and sometimes break free?
I don’t really have the money to upgrade, but for future purchases, should I give up analog? Fyi I have 5 analog tuners (4pci 1 external), and not 1 works on an indoor antenna worth shit???

After posting this, I thought, first question is going to be, what cards have you used (for analog), as someone might try to help with those (not what I am looking for, curious about digital). cards are
Pinacle studio av/dv (no tuner) v9 software
studio pctv pro (old but nice and also pinacle)
aver tv stereo(very old)???
This one, havent even tried it but I own it

A very old ver of studio av (no dv), which has a very highly rated german made card, but software (all that early pinacle software) was shit).

Well, digital broadcast uses a standard digital format, which is usually has a high fault tolerance and uses less bandwith than standard analog broadcasting. It may also operate on another frequency which gives less disturbances inside buildings.

My experience with free-to-air digital tv are horrible. Whenever someone would start up his scooter, the signal would get disturbed.

give up analog? Fyi I have 5 analog tuners (4pci 1 external), and not 1 works on an indoor antenna worth shit???
Well, the main difference with analog and digital is the location of the tuner.

On an analog signal (coax or antenna) you get all the tv channels and the tuner inside your tv or system synchs to the selected channel. This gives the possibility to set up multiple televisions and tuners on a single cable or antenna.

On a digital signal (coax, antenna, satellite) you get only the tv channel you select. The device (satellite box or digital tuner device which normally only have a SCART-out which connects to your tv or device) tunes in to the selected channel. The quality is usually a huge improvement, but you cannot connect multiple television sets and devices to it. If you want to use two televisions independent of each other, you would also require two satellite boxes or digital tuner devices (each with their own antenna!).

In Oz, thanks to the huge distances involved … digital is great in the city … crystal clear picture & sound … with the occasional lost (blank) frame & audio …

In the country though … digital can be next to useless …
My parents pick up most channels decently on digital, but need to switch back to analogue to get a slightly noisy version of their favourite.

If you get a digital signal where you are, use it.

Unfortunately some common (but dodgy) amplification techniques used to get better analogue signals actually interfere with digital signals. You need to read a faq concerning getting better digital reception in your area, if you’re getting alot of blanks …

Unfortunately, I can’t pick up either analogue or digital in my place, from an indoor antenna … I get beautiful reception from the main antenna though. I just can’t use my PCI digital tuner :frowning:

I’ll have to think about it a little longer. Digital tuner cards do seem to be getting cheaper so maybe it might be worth a try.