Digital Playground enjoying HD revolution



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As Hollywood prepares to lower prices of Blu-ray movies to help convince consumers to adopt Blu-ray technology, one industry is doing fine in the current sluggish economy. Thanks to a large…

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The thing is, some girls you don’t want to see anyways, and seeing them in HD would probably make it even worse :bigsmile:.

I do wonder if the market for HD adult enteraiment is big, these things you can only guess about as I don’t even know anyone watchingm strangely :wink:


Lol…wonder about the Disney factories…wouldn’t want to get Disney disc mixed up with adult discs…consider the outrage when Parents go to buy The Lion King in HD, and instead get the The Lions great big king


I guess this is really a male thing, I really don’t think any of my friends watches this kind of content. There are some men I don’t mind seeing in HD tough :bigsmile:


Most HD porn looks awful. Badly lit. Poorly encoded or recorded on crapcam. See every pimple in glorious detail. Put some makeup on that ass!


Yeah, where do I sign up to see the curlies on Ron Jeremy’s arse in all their HD glory? Me, I’m waiting for porn “Smell-o-Vision”. It’s gonna be huge. You wait and see.

@ Grrrl

“I really don’t think any of my friends watches this kind of content.”

Do you honestly think they’d advertise their sick habits to you?


I just like blu ray porn.

The picture is so cool