Digital Pics and mpg movies

Hi Folks,
I am trying to combine digitail pictures and mpg movies into a slideshow. can anyone tell me first of all if this is possible and If so how does it get done. I have looked all thru nero ultra edition 7 and I can’t seem to find a way to accomplish this.

I’m affraid you can’t, as a slideshow is by definition made from stills.
But you can incorporate your pics in a movie and get all the effects you could get using a good slideshow software.
Regarding the photo part - you can have the same kind of tansitions (timings and effects) and pan over parts of the image (zoom and moving path effects).
The only shortcoming is that you have to leave it run - but if you want to take more time with some images you just use the pause button of the telecommand.

I´ve done it using Premiere Elements, but as agomes says…it only works as a movie.

Use Nero Recode module to burn the combined vedio and mpg files.

you can try PowerPoint it can make a slideshow from digitail pictures, MPEG,AVI,WMV and then if you want to play it on your TV use PowerVideoMaker. :slight_smile:

pinnacle studio can combine movie and still pictures almost any way you want.
Here is an example made with Pinnacle Studio 9

If you have aanswers notification for this thread maybe you can see this post
Today I found a reference to a new version of a program in a photo magazine that says: "for DVD output is a flicker-free as we have seen on a slideshow package at this price and support for input files is extensive,catering for most of the still and video types you’re ever likely to encounter"
The name of the packages is - Photodex ProShow Gold 3.0 - and the download version price indication is $69.
Don’t know more about it and you’ve to look for, but this can be close to what you’re looking for, and allow a solution other than via a video editor…