Digital Noise... DTS ES EX THX AC3 DD... and then some!



How many of you actually use Dolby Digital, DTS or even better Dolby EX & DTS ES… AND even THX to THX EX! :confused:

I’ve been trying to get a discent signal our of my Hercules Game Theater sound card, but haven’t had much success!

I’ve done ALOT of updates to the whole thing and the footage I’m playing is being played through PowerDVD Dolby Digital version, which I think is version 3 and still nothing! :frowning:

My amp gets a good lock on the signal, which is clean and interferance free, but on in the sad Dolby Pro-Logic which I can’t stand! :frowning:

I’ve tried alot to get this working but nothing different so far!

  • The kit ( just the HiFi ) -

Sound formats I use:

Dolby Digital AC-3 (5.1)
Dolby Digital EX (6.1)
DTS (6.1)
DTS ES matrix (7.1)
THX (5.1)
THX EX (6.1)

7 Channel Stereo
Pro-Logic II (upgraded)
3 Channel Pro-Logic

  • Some of the Hardware (yes, just some)

Denon AVC - A10SE
Denon P10 Power Amp (upgraded)
Misson 783’s (front)
Mission 784’s (rear)
Mission Center (front) & Center (rear)
Mission NXT Phantoms rear
ReL Strata III
QED Silver Bi-Wire 25th Ann. Cable
QED Interconnects

Loads of other stuff, but I’m sure your board reading this! :o

Anywho, you know what I’m using to push my PeeCee through so any ideas good freaks!? :confused: