Digital music to drastically grow by 2013



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Days after a major record label announced digital music sales have surpassed CD sales, a recently published report indicates digital music sales will capture almost half of the entire U.S. music…

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The problem I see with digital downloads is for one they are mostly in lossy formats. Two, for the price they charge per track, they are charging way too much since their costs have been lessened: no jewel case, cover art, blank disc, ect… Three, are we going to be satisfied with just lossy music? I know I won’t.

From what I have seen, $.99/track or even $.79 is ridiculous for lossy quality. Maybe if they offered it in lossless it would be worth paying the $.99/track rate. The lossy version of the album cost just as much as the regular which is total BS. I don’t know why people would pay that for lossy music but again why would people pay $2.50 for a 15 second lossy ringtone. I guess the world is full of suckers.


I love the CD please don’t let it dissapear. Where else can I buy a CD the day it comes out for $9.99 rip it, burn it, and sell it for usually close to the same price. Total cost for the wavs = a buck maybe 2. Price per uncompressed track .10 - .20 cents

I don’t think any company will be selling uncompressed tracks for .20 anytime soon. I like things just like they are. Thanks:bigsmile:


I have been buying CDs since the eighties. I have pretty much stopped buying CDs because of the crappy mastering that is done now days. There is way too much compression used and the volume is way too high. This completely ruins the sound. If a CD says remastered, I stay away as it usually means the sound has been altered with loads of compression, tonal balance altered and volume set too high. Record companies are you listening? This is one reason no one wants CDs anymore, they sound like shit! Listen to a CD from Mobile Fidelity or DCC. This is what CDs are supposed to sound like.

As far as downloaded music, why bother? I’m sure they take the same crappy sounding CDs and rip them to a lossy format for even more sound degradation.