Digital music download sales drastically diminished from last year

Digital music download sales drastically diminished from last year.

[newsimage][/newsimage]As Internet users looked for alternative listening methods, online digital music sales in 2010 dramatically slowed but still offered higher single-track revenue than last year. The Nielsen SoundScan study analyzes the popular music industry that struggles to deal with slowing music CD sales.

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When they were trying to charge 99 cents a song, then making it fairly low quality with DRM what did they expect.
If they do a great price with lossless or very high quality audio then maybe it’d be worth it as long as it wasn’t again loaded with DRM so you can’t do what you want with it after you buy it.
I have started to buy BluRay movies now that I can buy combo packs with just about every format available for 20 or sometimes MUCH less and if they do the same for music it will sell. Sometimes it’s better to make a fast dime then a slow quarter.

I’m also a bit disappointed by the quality of new music - maybe if there was something really interesting to buy…

I like quite a bit of the new music out now but I like alternative pretty well and we have a great alt station here that broadcast in HD and even has a HD2 station that plays local artists only which is also quite good.
Since I bought a HD radio for my house and car CD’s and things aren’t as critical as they used to be as the HD radios sound like a CD on FM and like FM on AM provided the station supports HD.
Most of the regular pop music I hate though so I see folks point, plus everything sounds horrible what with the loudness wars and all the over compression every sound engineer uses these days to make their song louder then everyone else.

Why should I buy a CD anymore? I have a Zunepass for my Zune HD player. Unlimited streaming and downloading of (DRM protected) albums. 10 free MP3 unprotected tracks per month. No reason to buy CDs. If I like an album and want to have it on a CD, I will use my 10 song credit, add on whatever Microsoft wants for the additional (if any) tracks, and burn the MP3s to a CD.

Also services like MOG, Spotify, Napster and Rhapsody provide streaming choices that would cut into the purchasing of digital tracks…