Digital mixing solutions

Hmm, I must be careful here that I do not break the forum rules by advertising but want to post this thread to get some ideas and opinions from you all.

Our company has developed a piece of software for the last years that has solved many of the negative comments that we have seen mentioned about other DJ’ing software. For instance there are issues about drift, cue points, mixing more than two tracks etc. We believe that we have solved all of these issues and our software has many advanced features such as being able to mix up to 4096 tracks simultaneously, full beat locking so that drift will never occur, full Break matching so that tracks come in at exactly the right place, beat matching where there is no beat so that music intros play perfectly synchronised in that their 1st beat comes in at exactly the right place no matter how long the intro, half/quarter/double speed mixing, and plenty of other features.

Our biggest concern is that there seems to be quite a big divide between the oldskool DJ’s who have only ever mixed vinyl and the up and coming breed of digital DJ’s who are experimenting with CD mixers and software in general. We ourselves can see no reason why decks and software can not work in harmony. For instance why would a DJ not find it beneficial to have a third ‘software deck’ mixing a back beat while mixing vinyl over the top etc.

One of our other concerns is that because our new software is truly automatic then we question whether there is a place for a ‘one touch’ button mixing system in DJ terms or whether this is a system more suited to the home listener with the ability to mix their own music collections automatically at home. As has been stated in other posts, it takes some of the flair out of DJ’ing because standing on a podium in front of an eager crowd with a laptop does not quite have the entertainment value of a DJ with arms flailing while mixing vinyl.
Als this said, do u think there is a program out there that can cover all these points ?

And ultimately if ur interested u can always sign up aslong as not all beta spots haven been taken (


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