Digital media icon error! HELP!


I just used mt systme recovery cd to recover my computer. When everything it done i clicked on “my computer” and found out that the digital media icons were all the same :a . Before they should have one different icon for each but not its all the same :iagree: . :bow: Can anyone tell me how i can resolve this problem :bow: ? thankz :cool:

Can anyone tell me at least a bit about this problem so that i can try tho fix it? :bow:

Well, i found the solution with a little help by gateway.

  1. right click on my computer then click on properties, afterward click on hardware then device manager.
  2. click the + sign next to disk drivers and you will see something like "generic usb cf, ms, sd, sm reader usb device. There would be one more, and that is the main driver of them all. (exmp: ST3200822AS=model of ur digital card reader)
  3. Right click on the “model of ur digital card reader” and click uninstall. (there would be a window poping up saying that u would need to re-start ur computer, just click ok.
  4. let ur computer restart and ur icons will be back! :clap: