Digital Media Converter Pro: VOB to AVI - "no audio info"?

I ripped a DVD and now have a bunch of VOB files I need to convert to AVI so my editing software can import them. I have Digital Media Converter PRO. This should be able to do the job but being rather new to the program and to converting, I’m having an issue. When I select “Add Media” and add my VOB files, most of them say “No Audio Information”.


The DVD I ripped is a feature film I purchased; it has a menu and several previews. When watching back the VOB files in VLC media player, the VOB it is playing briefly flickers on the screen, and I noticed that VLC “skips” some VOBs but while playing everything in perfect order–the original disc must do the same. Example: we go from VOB 1 to VOB 5, or, perhaps it’s jumping so quickly that VOBs 2,3, and 4 don’t have time to show up on screen. This is a guess, here–I have no idea how DVDs are made.

Anyway, I have full audio in VLC.

If I try to convert the VOBS to AVI in DMCPro, it will only convert those with an audio “reading”.

I’m sure there’s a very simple answer/solution to this.

Thank you,

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the vob files with no audio information also have a duration of 00:00:00. These are part of the structural protection that has been added to the movie in an attempt to prevent copying.

Try using VobBlanker to get rid of extra junk added to the movie.

Or you could use Vob2Mpg to merge the vob files in the movie to one mpeg file (without harming quality of the video). If your editing software can work with mpeg files, you wouldn’t have to convert to avi.