Digital Max DRW 5S163 not recognizing any c-d

My Digital Max DRW 5S163 (which is apparently a rebadged Lite-On SHW-1635S) suddenly quit recognizing andy type of CD…blank, pre-recorded, regardless of brand. It will still recognize and burn DVD’s as good as ever.

The unit is about six months old. I tried updating the firmware, switching position on IDE cable, un-installing and re-installing, even putting it into a differenct computer, etc. Digital Max won’t reply to my tech support e-mails. Before I trash it, is there anything else I can try?

Many thanks.

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DVD burners have two separate lasers for CD and for DVD media. If you have problems only with CD discs, probably the CD laser is broken. If the drive is still in warranty, I suggest a RMA.

To be sure that drive is damaged, you can do two tests:

  1. install this drive on a different computer
  2. boot computer with a CD into the drive, for example a live distro of linux like Knoppix.

Don’t worry: this is not meant that you must install linux or make a mess in your computer. Live distros are executed entirely from the CD.

If you can do a boot from a CD, then it’s not a drive problem but there is something in softwares installed on your computer that cause problems.