Digital Max DRW-5S163 - Is it Lite-On

I bought Digital Max DRW-5S163 from OfficeMax. I think it is Lite-On SHW-1635S. Does anyone know about it? Is there any way to verify this? If it is true, is it possible to upgrade it’s firmware?

Thanks in advance.

yes, it’s a 1635s. but atm there’s no way to crosflash because of the firmware checksum.
hopefully codeking or any other pro can solve this.

Here’s more confirmation:

Upsetting info about the firmware. Hopefully the Digital Max fw is decent.

What do you mean by “Upsetting info about the firmware.”

I bought the drive today as the DRW-5S163, the OEM version of 1635S. I extracted the firmware (YSG1) using an old tool, and then flashed it to a real 1635S with YS0R firmware downloaded from Codeguys’ website, since it’s unscrambled.

Omnipatcher, however, doesn’t recognize the media breakdown, but the flashing went fine using the executable. I had no checksum (or any) error messages at all during the flash.

omnipatcher doesn’t support 5s firmwares as there would be a checksum failure if you patch something.
i haven’t thought that it’s possible to crassflash, but it really works. nice.

KTL, which tool did you use to extract the firmware (YSG1)?
Did you use executable from directly?
When I try to use it directly it gives me error saying I do not have SHW-1635S.

i think he used the YS0R.bin from inside the .rar and flashed it with LtnFW.
LtnFW should work with this drive but i haven’t tested it yet.

better wait till code finds a solution i guess …

Is what I meant. But others went into more detail. :slight_smile:

crossflashing must be possible because the ckecksum problem appears only when patching firmware parts like readspeeds. so it should be pretty safe to crossflash.

I used “Ltnflash” to extract the firmware, but LtnFW should work just as well since it appeared to be just a subset of “Ltnflash.”

I grabbed YS0R from here, and just ran it. It picked out the 5S163 and prompted to flash from YSG1 -> YS0R.

I did the update also. Used the EXE (not the BIN) file… Worked Great…

So, any idea if YSOR is actually a big improvement over the stock Digital Max fw? Or do I even need to ask?

Also, KTL, where do I get this “Ltnflash”? It would be a shame if I screwed up the flash and couldn’t go back to stock (or anything, for that matter). There are currently no downloads for this model on the Digital Max website.

I don’t know if YS0R is better than YSG1 since I didn’t even try any with YSG1. OEM firmware usually don’t have much support when more media codes are coming out, thus, using a “retail” firmware allows the drive to get more updates when new firmwares are out.

There might be a link under the LiteOn FAQ for “ltnflash.” But you don’t really need it anymore since the EEPROM & LtnFW utilities will do the same.