Digital Max DMDR0501, recording through digital cable box?

First I am inept at recording off the tv even with a vcr.

So we bought this DVDRW and there is a show I want to tape on HBO Tuesday night while I’m at work. We have Charter cable and a digital cable box. How do I go about setting this up to record my show? I have to do something to change the channels right??

I can’t find the manual tonight… I’m going to keep looking while hoping someone here can steer me the right way.

The show I’m after is Dealing Dogs on Tuesday night…

Each year, 42,000 dogs are sold to veterinary schools and research labs by Class B dealers, who are required by federal law to buy the animals from pounds, shelters and small breeders and to treat them humanely. However, many Class B dealers violate the law. DEALING DOGS exposes the abuses that took place at one of America’s most notorious Class B dealers - Martin Creek Kennel in Arkansas. Premieres Tuesday, February 21 at 10pm (ET/PT).

Assuming this product is idential to the LiteOn LVW-1101 (spec & actual products look identical), setting up a recording should be very straight forward: Ensure your digital cable box is connected up using S-Video or composite to the input of your DVD recorder and follow these. The Guider wizard is mostly self-explanatory, so chances are that you’ll find it quite straight forward without any help of the manual :stuck_out_tongue: :

[li]Select the channel you intend recording from on your cable box and insert a blank DVD+R or DVD+RW.
[/li][li]Press ‘Guider’, select ‘Record’ and pressing ‘Enter’
[/li][li]Select ‘Rear AV’ (may be different on your model) and press ‘Enter’
[/li][li]Select ‘Once’ and press ‘Enter’
[/li][li]Enter the date, start time and end time (pressing ‘Enter’ after each entry)
[/li][li]Select the recording mode (longer recording modes means lower picture quality, just fit adjusts the play mode such that the recording consumes the full disc), press enter and finally select ‘Exit’
[/li][li]Put your recorder into standby to allow the recording to take place

The manual for your product can be downloaded from: :wink:

Just be warned that as HBO uses copy protection measures to try and stop the recording of its programmes, there have been reported problems recording using the LiteOn LVW-1101 (similar model to yours), such as in this thread. :doh:

Thanks that was very detailed! I did a little test record and it worked! I didn’t try HBO yet though… I’ll read that other thread.