Digital Library



Hi everyone,

New here, just wanted to ask a question. i have a digital libaray program which lets me search hundreds of books. However it needs the original cd in the drive to work which makes it slow and annoying plus if it brakes I am screwed. I have tried making a copy (using nero, clone cd and power iso) and mounting it on a virtual drive but didn’t work, also tried just making a physical copy also didn’t work it somehow knows if you have the original cd in the drive or not.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get around this please?


download alcohol 52% . Its free. Creat the image with 52% and mount it. it should work , 52% works with mostly anything except PC games.


Thanks will try!


Before you try alcohol 52% which protection is used on your disc. How this can be done is described here.


I tried A scanner and clony and both found no protection on it but Alcohol 52% worked like a charm thanks!