Digital HD's popularity growing at steady rate

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Blu-ray supporters are cutting prices but still having trouble selling standalone players and movies, and digital content distribution is one of the leading factors giving Blu-ray problems. …

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Great idea Jobs lets wait it out. :iagree:

Looks like all the insane copy protection has bit them on the but. I have some extra money from selling property and will soon go HD (I’ll probably wait for black friday), but still have reservations about blueray (even though internal drives are reaching the 100$ mark). Digital recording sounds a lot better. Maybe they won’t mess it up with all the copy protection. I’m actually worried about being able to use completly legal content with blueray, as some of my hardware may not be compliant. Selling a lot of non compliant hardware, and forcing down scaling on it was yet another stupid copy protection idea. Who wants to replace perfectly good equipment to satisfy their need for complete control?

If you don’t want to replace you can always get anydvd HD and all the copyright protection issues are long forgotten. I have yet to have a problem with any disc I throw at it from Blu Ray to HD-DVD they all work no down rezing.

Let’s remember that the MPEG-4 format will not be true 1080p either and the cost to do so would be more that the gas and cash to get the BluRay disc. I am one that is slowly adopting to bluray and will continue. I personally feel sub $25.00 per movie isn’t to bad for right now but hope to see it drop in time. Plus our resession that we are in and the US government is on the brink to announce that we are in one too soon.

Lol…looks like Sony’s luck hasn’t changed. If indeed bluray only lasts 5 years, it will result in another failed format for Sony.