Digital generation degredation?

that’s pushing it . . . kind of . . .

is there any way that a data DVD originally burned from a mac, then taken to a PC and burned to a new data DVD backup could morph the data and affect the new copy’s integrity?

if it matters, i made the burn on “copy to DVD” by VSO software.

in the case that prompts the question, a protools session was saved to DVD on a mac, then the DVD taken to a PC and copied. i don’t know yet if the original DVD from the mac works, but the copied one does not. i need to know if there is any way that i screwed up or if the copy i made is sound.

save my soul?

Morphing data is not possible, but poorly burnt dvds or data los is possible.

so, if it was burned competently, no matter what kind of data was on the disc, and regardless of whether the original disc was created with a mac or a PC, the disc will be an exact clone?

it’s important, because the protools session, even though saved originally on a mac needs to open in a mac again, and i copied the DVD on a PC.

i figured that it didn’t make a difference. i mean, they’re just data files (.wav etc.,) and they’re going to be copied bit for bit exactly, right?

If the disc has no errors on it it will be copied bit for bit. If the disc is scratched or otherwise defect or of poor quality data loss is possible.

no errors on the cloned discs. they copied perfectly - all file properties and sizes identical - and the discs were mint.

so the verdict is out? these backups were properly made and would have opened up correctly had they been made correctly in the first place?