Digital Downloads



Is there anywhere that you can buy digital downloads and be able to burn them to a DVD or a Blu-Ray disc for playback on a standalone player?

For example, I wanna go buy a movie on a digital download place, but I also want to be able to burn it to a DVD so I can watch it with my family.

Is there anywhere I can do that?


I’ve never downloaded a paid for movie . I have DLed a couple that were in the free domain . Not torrent or warez .
Maybe someone else will answer this but I think that you don’t actually “buy” the movies you download . This is just another form of rental . I may be completely wrong about that & would like an answer from someone that does know.


You can buy them online, but only for ONLINE watching.


^Not entirely true. There are a few sites where you can purchase movies and download them. CinemaNow is one such site. The price for the movie is not discounted very much (if at all) from the disk price, and the quality is questionable. If they keep it in mpeg2 and only offer 2000kbps average bitrate, then they will be rather poor quality. If they are offering H264, then the quality should be good. I don’t use CinemaNow, so I don’t have examples of their downloads.

Of course H264 video won’t work on many regular dvd players. It might work for those that have mkv or mp4 support.

Blockbuster On Demand Movies also offers downloads for purchase as well as streaming video.