Digital Distortion



Any of you that have satellites or digital cable should know what i mean by digital distortion. Using the latest Clonedvd and anydvd, and also have tried dvdxcopy and 1clickdvd with the same problem. I rip any movie i own, and the vob’s played off the drive look fine. When i burn them to dvd, playback reveals colored blocks reminiscent of digital distortion in certain areas on the screen. (like when your watching satellite and a storm comes up) Not enough to make it unviewable, but definately noticable. does this with all programs, even burning the files clonedvd ripped straight to dvd using nero. Using a Chaintech 7njl6 mobo with the nforce2 chipset and a sony dru-530A using the latest firmware. Just bought the board and this problem just started. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


hmm - maybe IDE corruption, but UNLIKELY

Check the media your using - do a Disc Quality Test using CD-Speed at 4x and post results - think it’s media related.


k, will do that. its ritek media and its the same kind i have always used. never had a problem before i got this new board. 8x burner, always burned at 8x perfectly. the only thing that has changed is the board.


Ritek media have been doing downhill, even I got a batch of new printables which are absymal. Also the quality of the burns tend to degrade quickly. Sometimes within weeks. A quick search in Media Forum will yield a lot of dissatisfied customers of even first grade ritek. Avoid RITEK!

Never burn at full speed on Riteks either - you’ll be lucky to get a good disc in many cases. Doublecheck your firmware supports it too - and burn at half-speed. See how it goes.


You can do some testing to determine where the problem is occurring.
A couple of possibilities:

  1. the “tiling” is being introduced during transcoding
  2. the “tiling” is being introduced during the burn to the media

Have you configured your drives in the same manner on your new motherboard as before? Are they on the same channel configuration with the same master/slave configuration? Did you keep the same dma settings? You might try running CloneDVD2 in file mode, saving the output of the transcoding process to your hard disk. Then you could check those files and see if the problems were introduced in that process. If all looks well, try burning it, using the suggestions already posted.


playing the movies off the drive is no problem. plays beautifully… something is screwy during the burn process… using the same cables/config as before, just upgraded mobo. Tried with nvidia ide and windows standard ide drivers, same thing. I tried maxell, tdk, imation, verbatim, and still the same result. Although all these arent super media, id think at least one would do something differant… same thing each time, small areas of digital distortion constantly… no freezing up, just colored blocks here and there that stay a second and go away… could it be the dreaded nvidia ide… read something about that somewhere. Thanks again for helping guys, appreciate it


I have a $40 DVD player (cyberhome) and I get the pixelization a lot. I ask anyone who borrows my movies if they had any problems and they say no.

Cheap media is typically the cause.


Thank everyone for your help, i was able to fix it last night. Because I REALLY didnt think it would be the problem because it working in the past, i didnt check. Turns out it was the ide cable. Must have nicked in during the board replacement. Replaced it, and now its perfect!


I didn’t think that was possible myself. The IDE interface has CRC32 that protects all data from corruption. If there was problems, you should have seen a mucked up DRIVE ID or something similar. I haven’t ever been able to get corrupt transfers through IDE without the above symptom or even BIOS hanging while booting :S … Glad you fixed it though.