Digital copy of movies?



I recently switched from windows XP to Vista 64. On my original storage drive I had several digital copies of movies that came with the DVDs I bought. They worked fine till I plugged my drive into my computer with Vista. Now it wants the activation code again but it tells me that the code is expired when I enter it. I was able to retrieve one from one company but I was wondering if DVDfab would take the encryption code away so I dont have to contact each company individually. Is this even ok to do? I am new to the forum and DVDfab world and am not sure what is legal or not. I am just unsure what to do being I paid for these movies and now I can’t use them because I went to Vista.


That digital copy of the movie you get on dvd’s are a rip off. What if you need to reinstall your os you lose the license. wmp11 wont let you backup the license. Your better off just backing up the movie to avi or some other format but you will lose some of the quality.